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Highly-motivated Front-End Engineer with 3+ Years experience maintaining 200+ websites/servers in a fast-paced Cloud/SaaS enterprise environment. Pertinacious problem solver, dedicated to continuous learning and process improvement.

South Florida Native with a passion for technology, traveling and motorsports.


Front-End Web Engineer

October 2015 - Present

• Configure and Support MotionPoint's proprietary cloud-based/SaaS reverse proxy website localization technology ensuring an exceptional user experience for millions of international website visitors daily.

• Debug, troubleshoot and drive complex issues to resolution on MultiLanguage websites in an efficient and timely manner

• Leverage knowledge of Front-End web technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) to solve complex issues to full resolution and ensure customer success

• Subject matter expert of all technologies to be able to provide the highest level of technical support to all internal teams and external customers

• Pioneered Web Engineering operations in Europe for one year based in Valencia, Spain. Relieved colleagues of 4 hours of their on-call shift every day from 2AM-6AM Eastern

• Driven 15,000+ issues to resolution

• Perform root cause analysis and documentation of trending/reoccurring issues, site outages, and disruptions in service

• Handle 200+ servers to provide world-class technical support to customers such as T-Mobile, Ford, Abercrombie & Fitch, ASOS, Century Link & Amtrak

• Communicate, research and escalate trends, bugs, and frequently occurring issues to Senior Web Engineering and Development team

• Maintain a growth mindset to stay on the cutting edge of technology


Quality Assurance Analyst

Feburary 2014 - October 2015

• Identify, analyze, and document defects, errors, and inconsistencies on Multi-Language sites

• Perform functional, regression, and user acceptance testing of Multi-languages sites with strict attention to detail to be the last line of defense before delivering projects to customers

• Utilize HTML editing tools and web development skills to assist other teams in addressing issues

Miami Dade College

CS50x Miami - Spring 2019 - Cohort 9

CS50x Miami is The Idea Center @ Miami Dade College's adaptation of CS50, Harvard University's introduction to the intellectual enterprises of computer science, and the art of programming, for MDC students and the South Florida community.

Course Outline

  • Analyze a problem and craft an appropriate algorithmic solution.
  • Understand the basic syntax of a programming language (C, Python) so that they can use that language to solve problems.
  • Design and write programs which utilize the following control structures: selection structures, loop structures, and functions.
  • Demonstrate the ability to effictively debug a program.
  • Utilize good program documentation practices in their program code.
  • Design a program given specific data storage and efficiency requirements.
  • Implement and use data structures such as stacks, queues, linked lists, trees, and tries in a computer program.
  • Analyze different methods of meeting programming objectives and use Big-O evaluation methods to identify the relative efficiencies of different solutions.
  • Apply basic object-oriented programming skills to write and debug programs in an O-O language (Python).
  • Understand the concepts behind the Model View Controller (MVC) design pattern.
  • Understand the Client-Server model and the HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP).
  • Design and implement a Website which utilizes HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Ajax.
  • Be able to implement a Web service using a back-end scripting language (Python Flask) and templating language (Jinja).
  • Design and implement a relational database design with primary/foreign key constraints (SQLite).
  • Interact with a database using Structured Query Language (SQL) to add, modify, and remove data records.